Art and other creative output

The World of Khoras - A massive fantasy world ready for role playing gamers. Created by David Roomes.
The art of Merekat (Kristen Perry)
Hodgepoge Studios - John Aquino


CG-Char - This is an email list where CG animimators hang out.
This is an Animation:Master specific search engine.
Animation Master Forum - This loyal user community provides assistance for users of Animation Master. Here is the archive from the old email list.


Hash's Animation Master - The 3D animation software I used to make Anvils and Skeeters. Inexpensive and very full featured.
Adobe - Photoshop, Premiere, and After Effects.
Planetside - Makers of Terragen, a great terrain generator.


Beringer - Makers of the Eurorack series of audio mixers.
AKG - Makers of studio quality microphones and headphones.
M-Audio - Makers of excellent pc sound cards used for professional recording and home theater applications.
Wacom - Industry leader in graphics tabets.


The Flees - Our family web site.

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