Fleebag Studios is the one man studio of Bob Freeman. Bob's artistic and technical experience goes way back to his childhood when he was creating flipbooks and taking apart desklamps to see how they worked. He has done 3D computer modeling and animation, stop motion animation, videography, sound design, graphics design, drawing, cartooning, web and application software development, set design and construction for theatre and film, and lighting.

He is the founder of Seattle Hash Animation Masters (SHAM), a users group focused on Animation Master, a powerful, artist oriented modeling and animation package written by Hash, Inc. They meet every month to show off work, give demos, troubleshoot and explore unknown features. Go here to join us.

He and fellow '3D guy' David Roomes are in the process of starting a new Animation, Visual Effects and Video production company called Bad Alien Productions. They and a motley crew of volunteer artists are producing their first 3D animated short.

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