Skeeters Press Kit

Running Time: 3:37 minutes
Bob Freeman, Producer/Director
©2005 Bob Freeman & Fleebag Studios
All rights reserved

Skeeters is a computer animated short in five episodes that traces the comic adventures of Sally and Sue, two intrepid, hungry--and inventive--mosquitoes in a Pacific Northwest campground. They're just out to have a bloody good time.

Credit List
Director & Producer Bob Freeman
Story Bob Freeman

Sue Molli Lee-Painter
Sally Allix Lee-Painter
The Bully Nancy Lee-Painter
Other Skeeters Shawna Lee; Elizabeth, Claire and Caitlin Peckham

Music Mark Filippone

Modeling, Animation, Lighting,
Sounds & Editing Bob Freeman

Special Thanks: Ian Freeman-Lee, Jack Wight and Laura Stern

Movie Description
Skeeters, a 3D computer animated short, originated as a series of hand-drawn comics that Bob created while on a camping trip in western Washington State. Bob spent two years of spare time producing the film on his home computer, doing all of the modeling, animation, sound effects and post production. Skeeters was created using Hash Inc.’s Animation Master software. A production diary and the original cartoons can be viewed at http://fleebagstudios.com.

Director Biography
As a child Bob first demonstrated his affinity for animation by creating comic flipbooks. As an adult his diverse creative and technical skills encompass 3D computer modeling and animation, stop-motion animation, videography, sound design, graphics design, drawing, cartooning, Web and application software development, as well as set design, lighting, and construction for theatre and film. Bob is a co-founder of Bad Alien Productions, an animation, visual effects, and video production company.
Bad Alien Productions (http://badalienproductions.com)
Personal site: Fleebag Studios (http://fleebagstudios.com)

Awards and Recognition
Best Animation. NW Projections Film Festival. 2005
Official selection. The North American Science Fiction and Fantasy Film Festival. 2005

Director Filmography
Anvils (2001)—3D computer animation short demonstrating the perils of being an inflatable punch clown.
Footage (2004)—a meditative, short live action film featuring two feet and the places they’ve been.

Hi-Res Pictures

1. Render from Skeeters featuring Sally, Sue and "The Bully".

2. Producer and Director Bob Freeman

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