The Kitchen Calamity Project

Copyright (c) 2004, Bob Freeman, Ian Freeman-Lee and Corey Campbell

Kitchen Calamity was an idea that was hatched at a party late last year. Corey got a little plastic posable figure that seemed perfect for doing some stop motion animation.

January 10 & 11, 2004

This was a marathon weekend. We spent two long, hard days and ended up with the raw footage for the animation. Shawna kept the still camera going, too and shot a ton of stills capturing much of our process. Once those are sorted and reduced for the web, we'll post them here.

We stitched together the raw footage, slapped on some titles and credits and this is what we ended up with..

Kitchen Calamity, Raw Footage, 2 MBytes, MPEG 1, no audio

Behind the scenes shots Batch 1

Behind the scenes shots Batch 2

Behind the scenes shots Batch 3


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