This is my first 3D animated short. It features our squeeky friend Punchie the Clown. Character design and storyline was done by my then 10 year old son Ian. I did all the modelling, animation, sound effects and post production.


Mpeg 1 compression, 4.3MBytes. Note:With this one you should download the movie to your machine before playing or you may only see the first part of the movie.

Avi Divx compression, 8.5MBytes. Go here for a DIVX codec.

Quicktime, Sorenson compression, 11.7MBytes. This one has the lowest video quality, but should be viewable with the least effort.

Copyright © 2001, Bob Freeman and Ian Freeman-Lee

Christmas Punch

A little Christmas card staring Punchie the Clown. Thanks to Mike Muncy for his santa hat model.

Mpeg 1 compression, 1.75MBytes.

Avi Divx compression, 2.19MBytes. Go here for a DIVX codec.

Avi MS Video compression, 4.9MBytes.

Quicktime, Sorenson compression, 6.5MBytes.

Copyright © 2001, Bob Freeman

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